Who we are

Sharp Teeth Films promises to bring a taste of the unusual to UK audiences via cinema, DVD and VOD releases. Our carefully curated line-up will include a mix of languages and genres, with a focus on stories that are provocative, distinctive and thought-provoking … films with ‘bite’.

The first two releases are New York documentary Rubble Kings, highlighting the true story behind cult classic The Warriors and ‘holiday from hell’ horror Shopping Tour, a George Romero-inspired satire.

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George Romero-inspired horror, Shopping Tour coming soon to DVD and VOD

Finnish cannibals feast on Russian tourists in a paranoid, satirical horror comedy. “… the irreverent charm and satirical bite of […]

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Rubble Kings preview screening and DVD release date

SHARP TEETH FILMS presents New York subculture documentary ‘RUBBLE KINGS’ The incredible true story of New York’s outlaw street gangs that […]

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Sharp Teeth Films launch announcement

Terracotta Distribution expands beyond Asian films with new label, Sharp Teeth Films Sharp Teeth Films promises to bring a taste of […]

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Rubble Kings

“Rubble Kings is a fascinating, valuable work of social, music and New York history…” – New York Times

Russian tourists become Finnish cannibal fodder

Shopping Tour

”… juicy satirical horror comedy.” Hollywood Reporter